Autumn is here, the weather is getting cooler. A couple of days ago people in the North West, in the Shap area were treated to a rare glimpse of the Aurora Borealis , the Northern Lights. The colours that shot across the night sky were rich golds, reds, and citrus lime greens, which reminded me of the colours which are very in for this Autumn.

There is nothing cosier than sitting in on a cold evening and starting a knitting project. Before you start a new project, take time to look through your stash of wool, odd balls left over from previous projects. A great idea my friend Janet has is to knit 20 cm by 20 cm squares of different colours, so far she has at least 25 squares so far. When she has enough squares she will sew up the squares to make a cosy blanket.

Another super idea for this time of year is a stylish neck cowl, I have just started knitting a cowl using Blacker Yarn’s Pure Manx Wool with 50% Mohair in DK in a Natural Fleece Colour. The Yarn is super to knit with when knit it falls beautifully and is very soft on the skin. I am knitting the cowl on my new Chaio Goo Bamboo Circular Needles, which makes it easy to knit up.