Shilasdair Yarn – a real gem in the yarn world

Eva’s Dye Garden

Being able to stock Shilasdair Yarns at Emily Foulds has been a real highlight for me.  Spun and dyed on the Isle of Skye, Shilasdair is the product of passion, dedication and artistic skill by Eva and her husband.  Shilasdair is the gaelic for flag iris, a historical Highland dye plant.  Shilasdair is committed not just to creating the most beautiful and colourful yarns, but they are committed to using the best natural dyeing techniques without harming the environment.  They use the very best of Scottish fleece blended with alpaca, silk, angora, cashmere and camel to produce a yarn worthy of the best designs.

Shailasdair DK
Autumn Leaves

Initially we are stocking the Luxury 4 ply and Double Knit yarns.  These yarns are blended with 40% Lambswool, 40% Angora, 10% Cashmere and 10% Camel, making them really luxirous to knit with them and to feel.  There is no itchy pitchy feeling with Shilasdair yarn.  I have chosen to knit myself a cropped waist coat in the Luxury DK in the Autumn Leaves.  I can’t wait to show it off and have my own piece of Scottish textile heritage.