Shellie Anderson

Renewal and growth are part of life

Shellie Anderson

Shellie Anderson

It is important to me that knitwear designs capture this double nature of the nautilus, the elegance and the detail. Every pattern should help a knitter elevate their knitting skills, either through a new technique, construction method, or finishing method. It gives me a thrill to help knitters at every skill level achieve this. My patterns provide all the information necessary for you to create a piece you will be proud to wear or share.

Shellie Anderson

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 7 years old, and and it has been a great passion ever since.  I was fortunate to be the in-house designer for Shibui Knits for about 5 years and am now designing under my independent label, Shel Designs.

Design and Inspiration

Living a short drive from the Oregon Coast, I visit the ocean every chance I can.  It’s a place I feel at peace, at home, calm, connected.

The life forms that adapt, evolve, and call it home fascinate me. Change is exciting – and natural. It’s one of the reasons why I chose the nautilus shell to represent Shel Designs: it starts small, but builds its home from there, continually growing and renewing itself, beautifully.


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Knitting Kits

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Yarn Shellie loves working with.

Shellie loves using a variety of yarns, which help to bring her designs to life.  Yarns that have colour and texture.