A Knitting Life by Marianne Isager


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A Knitting Life by Marianne Isager

A Knitting Life – back to Tversted.  This gorgeous book is the first in a series of three in which Marianne Isager reveals her knitting life through five decades.

Times are changing, and fashion is changing.  But fine craftsmanship will always endure and have lasting value.  Marianne has certainly been influenced day fashion trends over the years. In this book, a number of her previous and most significant designs are presented.  many of which reflected the fashion of the day.  This book also contains 15 new designs with knitting instructions using the same techniques seen in the former designs but updated for today’s ethos.  The thread connecting the old and new designs is the fine craftsmanship used in their manufacture combined with the highest quality of yarn selected.

The new designs in this book were photographed in the magical nature surrounding Marianne’s home village, Tversted.  The sea, the dunes and the flora all have a special place in her heart and work.  Tversted is also the home for the yarn company Isager, which is owned and operated by Marianne Isager and her daughter Helga Isager.