Beautiful lattice effect sweater that really shows off the fabric creating by the twist in the einrum yarn, the blend of lopi and thai silk.

This is a simple jumper to knit and the results emerge quickly. Halla had dreamt of a simple, chunky woollen jumper that would go well with both jeans and skirts. When Halla visited the shark museum in Bjarnarhöfn at Snæfellsnes, she became fascinated with the pattern of shark teeth. They reminded her of stories about her great-grandfather, who was captain of shark fishing boat “Hákarla Sæmundur” (e. Sæmundur the shark) and had a shark tooth earring. If a shark loses a tooth, the tooth behind it will move forward and fill the gap. Therefore, sharks will always sport a perfect set of teeth. Some species of sharks renew up to 30 000 teeth in their lifetime. This ever-repeating pattern brings these endless shark teeth to mind.


The pattern is made for both E and L-yarn qualities.
The pictured jumper is worked in E-yarn colour 1016 Jaspis.

Sizes S/M (M/L) 200 (250) g E-yarn
Sizes S/M (M/L) 350 (400) g L-yarn


E-yarn: 4mm (US 6) and 5mm (US 8) circular needles.
Sets of 4mm (US 6) and 5mm (US 8) double pointed needles.
L-yarn: 4.5mm (US 7) and 8mm (US 11) circular needles.
Sets of 4.5 mm (US 7) and 8mm (US 11) double pointed needles.


Half bust width: 45 (47) cm
Length to underarms: 45 (47) cm
Sleeve length: 45 (47) cm