lovage pattern by Uist Wool


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 lovage pattern by Uist Wool

The Lovage Sweater by the rhythmic, ribbed lines of a Lovage plant stem and like run rigs hugging the land the Lovage Sweater is designed to be a snug fit so that the ribbing opens and closes, organically wrapping around and flowing over your body’s natural curves.

This stunning and unique design led sweater takes just two hanks of the Uist DK.  I am knitting mine is Sian.

Sizes for the patterns are

Small Chest size: 32 – 34 inches. (you will need 4x100g hanks), Medium Chest size 36 – 38 inches (you will need 5 x 100g hanks),  Large  40 – 42 inches (you will need 5 x 100g hanks).

I would say that this pattern is for someone with intermediate skills of knitting.



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