ROBIN SWEATER by Helga Isager


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ROBIN SWEATER by Helga Isager

Designed by Helga Isager

ROBIN is knitted in pieces starting with the central panel, you will then need to pick up stitches and work outwards.  It is a lovely lightweight sweater knitting in Danish Spun Isager Spinni.

Size S, M and L
Centre Front / Back Panel Width: 22 (22: 24)cm
Sleeve length from centre panel: 44 (45 45)cm
Length: 56 (58: 60)cm
Waistband circumferecne: ;81 (85: 89)cm
Yarn Isager Spinni 200 (250, 300)g
Tension 2.5mm and 3mm (we’d recommend a long circular even for the flat knitting due to the amount of stitches you will have on your needles after picking up the front and back sides).