I was recently leafing through the monthly knitting magazine The Knitter.  I came across a website the magazine was featuring The Making Spot – http://www.themakingspot.com/  The site provides a forum for those who are crafty to show off their knitted goods and also find inspiration from others.   It is very easy to use…


Today I started knitting my mother in law a scarf. It is in a beautiful purple colour and an alpaca blend, from Alpaca Select.  I have come up with a new pattern idea, mixing a cable design with a lace pattern. I hope she likes it.  She is a fantastic knitter herself, but unfortuntely she hasn’t been able to knit for over a year now because of a freak shoulder injury – involving a set of ladders, the shearers, a husband and the dreaded leylandii hedge.  She has been going to physio at the moment, and has her eye on the Blacker Yarns for her first knitting project when she is back to normal.

This week I received some of the first winter yarns from Langthere is a beautiful rustic linen yarn called Greina and there is the Seta Tweed which is a wool, silk and cotton mix.

Happy Knitting !!!