HILJA Wrist Warmers Kit by Aleks Byrd


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Purchase this item and get 30-42 Points - a worth of £0.30-£0.42


HILJA Wrist Warmers Kit by Aleks Byrd

The iKnit7 shops are delighted to have worked on a special collaboration with super-talented hand knit designer/artist/creative goddess Aleks Byrd.

The Hilja Knit A Long, to create these exquisite wrist warmers has been set up by iKnit7 shops  and Aleks, starts 19 February.

The Hilja Wrist Warmers are named after Alek’s grandmother who was a masterful knitter. A discovery of little booklet with motifs she had created and copied from traditional patterns back in 1930s Estonia inspired these embroidered looking wrist warmers.

These wrist warmers are knitted from the bottom up, featuring a 3 x 3 rib corrugated colour ribbing.  The body of the wrist warmers features a motifs created using the Estonian inlay technique called Roosimine.

We have a wonderful variety of kits made up for you.   The kits range in price from £30.00 to £42.00  The kits include the yarn you will need and a printed/digital pattern.  Once you have bought your kit you will be automatically added to the exclusive iKnit7 KAL.  This includes, tutorials, FB page access and special KAL Zoom Parties.

You can also add a limited edition iKnit7 Emily Foulds Project Bag to your kit.  When choosing your kit choose the option which includes a bag.  Bags normally cost £10, but are offered at £6.00 for the KAL.


The Lake District Edit – The Fibre Co Cumbria Fingering Yarn Kit.

Developed in the Lake District.  The wrist warmers were designed around this beautiful yarn from The Fibre Co.  The Fibre Co Cumbria yarn was born in the Lakes and its colours are named after the beautiful and stunning landscape of the Lake District.

Colour way no 1 is MC Scafell Pike (100g), CC1 Cowberry (20g) and CC2 is Buttermere (20g)

Colour way no 2 is MC Isel (100g), CC1 Blackbeck (20g) and CC2 is Cowberry (20g)

Colour way no 3 is MC Blencathra (100g) , CC1 Yew Tree (20g) and CC2 is Catbells (20g)

A Hebridean Adventure – Yarns from the Uist Wool Mill

This yarn takes you on a journey across the Three Peaks of South Uist, Astair pauses and takes in the breathtaking scenery, heritage and features of this rugged land.  We have put together two different colour ways which are ideal to showcase the natural features of this unique yarn.

Colour way Thacla is MC Sgeir, CC1 Abhainn and CC2 is Poll

Colour way Bheinn Mhòr is MC Bealach, CC1 is Maol and CC2 is Coire

Bringing you colour and joy with The Jaunty Yarn – yarn using Regia and the Jaunty Yarn hand dyed.

Regia 4 ply sock yarn blended with merino and yak fleece is so warm and cozy. We have paired this fantastic yarn with a blast of colour from The Jaunty Yarn.   We have also had in 20 metres of mohair lace to add extra texture to the wrist warmers.   The Roosemine effect will showcase the hand dyed yarn.

Colour way Rainbows MC Regia 4 ply Yak, CC 1 Jaunty Rainbow and CC2 Jaunty Yarn Yellow

Colour way Pinks is MC Regia 4 ply Yak, CC1 Jaunty Crystal and CC2 Jaunty Yarn Pink

enjoy …….


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Scafell Pike, Scafell Pike with project bag, Isel, Isel with project bag, Blencathra, Blencathra with project bag, Thacla, Thacla with project bag, Bhienn Mhor, Bhienn Mhor with project bag, Jaunty Blues, Jaunty Blues with project bag, Jaunty Rainbow, Jaunty Rainbow with project bag, Jaunty Pinks, Jaunty Pinks with project bag