Isager Jensen Yarn




Isager Jensen Yarn

JENSEN YARN was originally named ÅLJ and was developed by the knitting designer Åse Lund Jensen together with Skive Uldspinderi. As this is a three ply wool, it is a firm and even spun yarn well suited for texture knitting. This yarn is very durable and wears out in the same beautiful way as Tvinni. We recommend this yarn especially for indoor and outdoor garments. Marianne Isager has used this yarn in her book “DÆXEL” with men’s sweaters, but we also use this yarn together with other qualities:

Jensen Yarn used individually knitted on 3 and 4 mm needles
Jensen Yarn and Alpaca 1 held together knitted on 4 – 6 mm needles
Jensen Yarn and Alpaca 2 held together knitted on 4,5 – 6 mm needles
Jensen Yarn and Silk Mohair held together knitted on 4,5 – 7 mm needles

ISAGER JENSEN YARN – a classic 3 ply wool yarn 100% Wool
Approx meterage in 100 g  = 230 m

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