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We have spent many years finding some of the most beautiful accessories to help enhance your knitting or crochet experience.  Accessories that are not only beautifully crafted, but work as well.   We have sock blockers, stitch markers, stitch holders, needles and gorgeous scissors.  We are constantly adding to our huge range.

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Aleks Byrd Knit Fringe Tool
Aleks Byrd Knit Fringe Tool Sale price£10.00
Aleks Byrd Mitten Blockers
Aleks Byrd Mitten Blockers Sale price£33.00
Aleks Byrd Glove Blockers
Aleks Byrd Glove Blockers Sale price£33.00
Aleks Byrd Knitster Girl Enamel Pin
Aleks Byrd Yarn Bobbins
Aleks Byrd Yarn Bobbins Sale price£15.00
Lantern Moon Baabs Accessory Holder
Lantern Moon Scissors with leather case
Walcot Yarn Blocking Wires
Walcot Yarn Blocking Wires Sale price£48.00
See Knit Tape Measure - Cream Floral
See Knit Tape Measure - Black Floral
Lantern Moon Woolly Sheep Tape Measure
Bohin lilac sewing scissors
Bohin lilac sewing scissors Sale price£22.00
Bohin Embroidery Scissors - Red
Bohin Magnetic Wrist Pin Holder
Bohin Purse clasp
Bohin Purse clasp Sale price£6.00
Bohin Knitted Fabric Shaver
Bohin Knitted Fabric Shaver Sale price£25.00
Clover Knitting Counter
Clover Knitting Counter Sale price£9.00
Glove Blockers by Aleks Byrd