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Fonty Fado

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Color:Cream 660
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FADO is a 100% natural ecological yarn, without treatment, without dyeing, composed entirely of wool from 2 emblematic breeds of merino sheep. Arles Merino (Mérinos d'Arles), naturally off-white, raised in the Crau plain in Provence; Black Merino from Portugal, naturally dark brown, bred in the province of Alentejo in southern Portugal, but also implanted by Fonty and the association Lainamac within farms in Creuse. This project aims to develop the wool sector of the Massif Central (Mountains in the middle of France), while minimizing the ecological impacts linked to transport.

The result is breathtaking: by varying the blends of the 2 fleeces, Fonty obtains colors ranging from off-white (660) to dark brown (664) via 3 light browns (661), medium (662 ), and backed (663).

FADO is a carded yarn twisted in 3 strands, bulky and supple, pleasant to the touch, which is knitted with # 5 needles. It should be washed by hand, preferably with an organic soap, and dry flat. Like all untreated natural yarns, it has the particularity of softening with successive washes.

FADO is also available as 100g undyed, untreated, not degreased, ready-to-dye skeins within the yarn quality FADO prêt-à-teindre.

Fonty Fado
Fonty Fado Sale price£6.65