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GAVSTRIK SHAWL by Marianne Isager

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GAVSTRIK SHAWL by Marianne Isager

this is a physical pattern, if you require a digital copy please visit Isager's Ravelry page. 

Marianne Isager, from Danish yarn company designed this stunning shawl which uses clever colour changes and a zig zag pattern throughout. 

The GAVSTRIK Shawl is worked from side to side in a zig zag pattern.  The pattern is worked in stocking stitch stripes, alternating between stocking stitch and reserve stockiing stitch.  On the shawl's first half the upper (straight) side has a three-stitch garter edge and the angular side has an edge which alternates between a three stitch garter edge and a section where new stitches are cast on and on the second half the angular edge alternates between stitches being cast off and a three - stitch garter edge.  The Shawl has no right or wrong side, but to aid the knitting, the first part of the pattern gives right and wrong side rows just as this first part gives row numbers.    

The Shawl can be made in two sizes either 63 x 150cm or 73 x 170 cm

Gavstrik Shawl is shown is knitted in the following colour combination:

Main Colour:  50 g of Isager Spinni colours 3s, 4s or try 54 and 101

Main Colour: 50 g each of Alpaca 1 colours 3s, 4s or try 54 and Midnight

Accent Colours for the Shawl

10g of each of the following colours of Isager Spinni 1s, 10s, 19s, 26s, 29 and 54 ( or in an alternative colourway 10, 19, 17, 26, 28 and 40)

For MC hold one strand of Spinni and one strand of Alpaca 1 together and for accent stripes use one strand of Spinni only. 


3.5mm dpn needles and a 3.5mm 80cm circular needle.  


Using the two strands cast on 22 stitches = 10cm square on 3.5mm needles. 


Alpaca 1
Accent Colours in Spinni

two sizes 

63 x 150 cm

73 x 170 cm

50g colour 3s & 4s 


50g colour 54 & 101

50g colour 3s & 4s

50g colour 54 & Midnight

10g  of each of 1s, 10s, 19s, 26s, 29s & 54


10 g of each 10, 19, 17, 26, 28 & 40



GAVSTRIK SHAWL by Marianne Isager
GAVSTRIK SHAWL by Marianne Isager Sale price£6.00