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Isager Hør Organic

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Isager HØR Organic

ISAGER HØR ORGANIC can be used individually with two or more strands held together, or it can be knitted with other Isager yarns. However, do not knit in the rounds as the garment will skew. When working a knitting technique with this yarn, e.g. a Structure pattern or a Jacquard pattern in a two or more colored pattern, it can be knitted in the round.

The colour range has 6 colours which blends perfectly into our shade card – and the colour combinations with other Isager yarns are endless. The yarn consists of 100% organic fibres but the dyes are non organic – with the exception for the undyed colour Linen, of course. This yarn is the fine alternative for people with wool allergies.

Isager Hør Organic
Isager Hør Organic Sale price£8.75