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Natural Cream British Sheepskin Rug

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Glencroft have a proud tradition of creating beautiful products, celebrating British Sheep. 

Their natural cream British sheepskin rugs are from British sheep . The sheepskin rugs are entirely tanned in Great Britain and hand finished in their warehouse in North Yorkshire. This is a 100% British sheepskin rug.

They do not dye these sheepskins, so the colour of each rug is absolutely natural. This means that although all of these rugs can be classified as having a natural 'white/cream' colour, each rug may vary slightly; some may have more of a golden sheen and others may be a more creamy white.

The size and shape of each rug may also be a little different, not just because of the individual size of each sheep, but because all of the Glencroft sheep skin rugs are hand finished by Richard (who has worked in the British wool and sheepskin industry since the 1960s) in their workshop up in North Yorkshire. Roughly though, every standard rug is a minimum of about 30 x 20 inches (or 75 x 50 cm).

Each rug is utterly unique, but every one of them will add style and comfort to your home, whether as a bed throw or a living room rug.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Natural Cream British Sheepskin Rug
Natural Cream British Sheepskin Rug Sale price£69.95