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Toft Daisy Crochet Kit

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Whether you made daisy chains at school, put them in your hair or plucked each tiny petal off to predict your true love, the daisy is a flower that holds many interesting meanings. Grown by the ancient Egyptians for herbal remedies, celebrated as the sacred flower of the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility, and associated with innocence and purity in Celtic legend, the daisy is a flower that grows all year and can be found everywhere on the planet except Antarctica. This crochet version will remain as fresh as the moment it was made for years to come, wherever you choose to display it.

Alexandra’s Garden kits are a range of amigurumi crochet characters bringing to life a range of much-loved plants and flowers making them perfect for the budding gardener or crafter. With no watering required, the TOFT crochet flower range are low maintenance, always in bloom and are guaranteed to brighten up your home all year round!

This Kit Contains: 125g of TOFT's luxury DK pure wool in the colours Green, Yellow and Cream, the pattern and a crochet hook. 

TOFT’s Alexandra’s Garden flower kits all include a printed postcard pattern alongside a downloadable digital copy, lengths of Black and Cream yarn for the eyes and a ‘cro-your-own’ tag. 

You Will Need: To complete your Daisy you will need toy stuffing and a wool needle.

Measurements: When finished your Daisy will be approximately 37cm tall from feet to top of petals.

Skill Level 1: This kit is suitable for beginners

It will take: approximately 5-10 hrs crochet time.


Toft Daisy Crochet Kit
Toft Daisy Crochet Kit Sale price£35.00