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We stock the most beautiful yarns in the world.  We have worked hard to find a yarn collection that makes us proud as well as creates beautiful fabrics.  We aim to supply yarns which have deep and rich colour palettes, as well as exquisite fibres such as alpaca, cashmere, silk, lambswool, cotton, linen, hemp, merino and rare breeds such as blue faced Leicester and Wensleydale.

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Isager Trio
Isager Trio Sale price£6.95
Isager Alpaca 1
Isager Alpaca 1 Sale price£7.90
Adriafil Sierra Andina DK
Adriafil Sierra Andina DK Sale price£7.20
Lily Kate Makes Axis
Lily Kate Makes Axis Sale price£8.00
Schoppel Zauberball Edition 3
Sold outFonty Tartan 3
Fonty Tartan 3 Sale price£8.95
Malabrigo Silky Merino
Malabrigo Silky Merino Sale price£7.99
Fonty Nimbus
Fonty Nimbus Sale price£7.00
Hjetegarn LongColours
Hjetegarn LongColours Sale price£8.75
Hjertegarn Armonia
Hjertegarn Armonia Sale price£4.00
Wool Addicts Footprints
Wool Addicts Footprints Sale price£11.45
Wool Addicts Artsy
Wool Addicts Artsy Sale price£12.50
Isager Tvinni
Isager Tvinni Sale priceFrom £8.00
Isager Spinni
Isager Spinni Sale priceFrom £8.00
Isager Alpaca 2
Isager Alpaca 2 Sale price£6.90
Isager Tweed
Isager Tweed Sale price£7.95
Isager Silk Mohair
Isager Silk Mohair Sale price£9.75
Isager Merilin
Isager Merilin Sale price£7.50
West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab Sock DK
Sold outWest Yorkshire Spinners Fleece Blue Faced Leicester Aran
Sold outWest Yorkshire Spinners Fleece Jacob DK
West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep Pure DK
West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep DK
West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite 4ply
West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite Lace
Catlow Yarns Honey Dew 2 Ply Gotland DK
Adriafil Calzasocks 4 ply
Adriafil Calzasocks 4 ply Sale price£9.95
The Raw Wool Company  - Light House By the Sea 4ply
The Raw Wool Company  - Soft As Sea Mist DK
The Raw Wool Company  - Mevagissey Mizzle DK
The Raw Wool Company - On a Dark & Stormy Night DK
The Raw Wool Company Shepherds Silver DK
Malabrigo Mohair
Malabrigo Mohair Sale price£13.95
The Fibre Co Road to China Light
Malabrigo Arroyo DK
Malabrigo Arroyo DK Sale price£14.00
Malabrigo Sock
Malabrigo Sock Sale price£15.99
The Fibre Co Lore
The Fibre Co Lore Sale price£19.00
The Fibre Co Meadow
The Fibre Co Meadow Sale price£28.80
Glencroft Clapdale Wool DK
Glencroft Clapdale Wool DK Sale price£17.95
Walcot Origin
Walcot Origin Sale price£20.00
Walcot Yarns Opus
Walcot Yarns Opus Sale price£24.00
Walcot Yarns Fluff
Walcot Yarns Fluff Sale price£24.00
West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab Aran
West Yorkshire Spinners Elements DK
Fonty Fado
Fonty Fado Sale price£6.65
Isager Jensen
Isager Jensen Sale price£17.95
Isager Highland
Isager Highland Sale price£6.50
Isager Trio 2
Isager Trio 2 Sale price£7.50